Monday, March 23, 2015

Mia's Birthday and Harley

Last weekend we worked really hard to get Stuart moved into the "Man Cave" aka: junk room that needed to be de cluttered. I guess I'm having my nesting kick now and things are flying around here. 
Saturday we got a surprise call that a puppy was available due to a buyer not picking her up for weeks due to bad weather.  Only six days before had we gotten our name on this breeders wait list hoping for a summer or fall puppy. We had a hard time getting to this point and had been praying for a puppy so imagine me asking Nate at 3 o'clock on a Saturday if we could get a puppy on Monday? Things were kind of crazy over here.

 Mint Oreo Cake for Mia

Sunday was spent celebrating Mia's 10th birthday which was the next day. Friends came over and we all went swimming to an indoor pool. Good times. We had church in the evening and I laughed at all 5 of these children who looked beat and had bloodshot eyes from all of the swimming.

The long lonely drive to pick up the dog. Monday I drove far to get this puppy like one of those crazy dog people. Shake my head. 

Stopped for gas, yup she's still back there. She was quiet for a few hours and the next time she yelped I jumped so bad. 

 It's been a week now, I told Nate that  I still love him more than the dog.
Stuart runs around yelling at her, "Harley Martin"! 
This morning I mentioned that she needs to get shots and this has Stuart very worried, will she get them in her fluff? Mia telling him that it's called fur.

I had a running list of dog names on my phone that I had been adding too. Stuart and I spent our days discussing dog names and Stuart would mock calling for the dog. So just for the fun of it, here is the list.

Dog names 


Thursday, March 5, 2015

In the Midst of Another Long Winter

Stuart and his dump truck

An organized closet shelf. This would mean so much more if I would have taken a before picture. Imagine horrors in this space. 

My midwife has been on me to keep track of how often the baby is kicking.  (my cord is 2 vessel instead of 3. While everything looks fine now it can cause lack of nourishment) I was wracking my brain to think of an efficient way to get this accomplished without drawing marks on my arm. Even that method would require a pen at all times.  Online I came across some kick counter bracelets. Super cheesy and shiny. My search for a counting bracelet led me to a "stroke counter" for golfers. Thus the happy note that came along.

Strawberry shortcake got us through a few winter blues. 

Hyper girls about to attend their first concert ever. Piano Guys. 

I was scared I would lose Ellie in the crowd and told Mia to hold her hand. Mia being the type that jumps up and down and flaps her arms around when she gets excited, forgot herself and squeezed Ellie's hand so hard that Ellie was crying. Nothing like a little drama while waiting in line. We were just glad to be inside unlike their father who was waiting outside after parking the van. 

Olive entertaining herself.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Olive 16 Months

 All day long she says, Hi! while waving, duck, and please.  She has become quite demanding.
She loves when we sing songs. 

 Olive had the flu last week and was finally feeling better and ready to get out of the house when Mia got the flu. So we stayed home from church and Olive was not very happy about it. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


 Olive started walking the last week of January. Almost 15 months old. 
Here she is with cousin Boaz who is almost as big as her and stinking cute.

I stole this from Dorcas' Instagram. Super cute.  Love these boys.

Dad and his birthday cake. Tres Leches. 

 Nate's family here for his birthday.

 Gender reveal. Just our family. 
Stuart said, "I want a boy but it is probably a girl, because God picks." 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ladies Lunch and Painting Class

 Nate's Aunt Carolyn planned a lunch for her sisters and as a surprise activity she had me come and teach a painting class. This was held at Grandma Minnie's house. Grandma had fun watching, she was quite chipper.

 They were such willing students and it went much better than I imagined. When I taught 5&6th grade art the scared students would just sit there and do nothing, hoping I would do it for them I guess. These ladies might have been nervous but they went for it, no one lagging behind. 

Aunt Carolyn in the middle. Happy Birthday! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Don't Steal the Joy

Picked up this t-shirt dress for Olive at a thrift store. 

Made me want to sew one like it. I don't particularly enjoy sewing knits or small things so.... I was really hoping it would fit over her head. 

Mia playing dress up with Olive. 

Nate's Mom dropped off fastnachts. As you can see I was feeling hopeful for some filling in the glazed line. 

We are slightly addicted to the Eagle Cam. 
I knew it was bad when I texted Nate an update one day. 

So many snow days. 

The youth group gave us some balloons so Nate was on Youtube making stuff for the kids. Fun.

Longing for Spring.

A post I loved by one of my favorite bloggers. Thoughts about Pinterest and the way we react to cute birthday parties and stuff. If you love to be creative and Pinteresty then go for it! and if you are not that type of person, or in that stage of life,  embrace that as well. 

Don't be haters. Don't steal the joy.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How I Feel About Valentine's Day This Year

I've kind of gotten over wanting to go out on a hot date on Valentine's Day. I would not be against it, but ever since reading the book "Waiter Rant" I just feel badly for the waiters and wish to be out on a more normal night. That and the babysitter problem.
So the past few years we have been doing a fun meal with the kids and getting out a tablecloth and some sparkling juice in goblets type of thing.
Now this year it falls on a Saturday night. Great if you don't have children yet and can just go out like usual. Not great if you just want to hang out with your friends, Valentine's or not.
I guess what I'm saying is I don't feel like cooking. Surely Chick Fil A would be a safe place to go as a family, right?

Last year Nate got me roses from Pro Flowers and they were guaranteed for Valentines's Day. There was a big snowstorm and he walked in the house empty handed and so sheepishly that day. I smiled pretty big when flowers showed up 3 days early this year. I thought he was overcompensating. Turns out if you wait too long to order they have to bring them early.